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December 1, 2014  

Voters Give a Strong "Yes!" to Biodiesel Policy

Call to Action on Biodiesel Tax Incentive

NBB Launches #PumpUpBiodiesel Social Media Campaign in November

NBB Members Elect Industry Leadership

Area Clean Cities Honors DC Biodiesel Champions

General Sessions Promise to be Your Most Important Meetings at Conference

Alternative Fuel Station to Open Near O’Hare

Biodiesel Magazine Advertising Prime Space to Reach Industry


Voters Give A Strong "Yes" to Biodiesel Policy

Policies supporting biodiesel production would win a resounding vote of confidence if they were on the ballot in last month’s elections, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the National Biodiesel Board ahead of the November elections.

Three out of four voters (75 percent) support a tax incentive for biodiesel, the survey found. Seventy-six percent said they support a national renewable fuel standard. The survey of nearly 1,200 registered U.S. voters was conducted by Moore Information Opinion Research.

“These numbers reflect overwhelming public support for developing cleaner, alternative fuels so that we’re not so dangerously dependent on petroleum,” said Anne Steckel, NBB’s vice president of federal affairs. “These policies are popular because they are effective. We’re gradually reducing our dependence on oil. We’re reducing harmful and costly pollution. And we’re creating jobs and economic activity at home. Congress and the Obama administration should take cues from the people who elected them and step up to make sure we have strong, stable policies supporting biodiesel production.”

Among other findings in the survey, 85 percent of respondents said a candidate’s position on energy issues was somewhat important or very important in their voting decision, and 78 percent said a candidate’s position on alternative fuels was very important or somewhat important.



Call to Action on Biodiesel Tax Incentive

It’s crunch time for advocacy on the biodiesel tax incentive

Negotiations are well underway on a deal to renew a package of expired tax incentives known as “tax extenders,” and this is the best chance for the biodiesel incentive to be reinstated this year. The National Biodiesel Board is calling on all biodiesel supporters to contact their U.S. senators and representatives regularly during the “lame duck” session before Congress adjourns this year to press them to fight for reinstating the biodiesel incentive. 

The biodiesel tax incentive is in a good position to be included in legislation thanks to the groundwork NBB and industry supporters have laid earlier in the year. In April, the Senate Finance Committee included biodiesel in a bipartisan tax extenders bill containing about 50 incentives to be reinstated. That bill is currently serving as a baseline for negotiations, but there will be efforts to block it or cut it back significantly, so it is critical that the biodiesel community remains vocal and aggressive. Supporters can start today by calling lawmakers’ offices in Washington – both U.S. senators and U.S. representatives.

To find individual members of Congress and their contact information, visit the Senate website and the House website. NBB has drafted talking points that should be helpful. They are posted here on the NBB Fueling Action website. Additionally, if assistance is needed in reaching members of Congress, don’t hesitate to call NBB’s Washington office at 202-737-8801 or email Ben Evans at bevans@biodiesel.org.

This has been a difficult year for many in the biodiesel community, but hopefully the industry can end on a positive note by working together to make our voices heard on this important issue.


NBB Launches #PumpUpBiodiesel Social Media Campaign in November

NBB launched a social media campaign in mid-November aimed to garner support for biodiesel and spread the word about its benefits.

The EPA and the White House continue to review the proposed rule for biodiesel under the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard, so the campaign was aimed at sharing positive information about biodiesel. As many supporters already know, biodiesel has a variety of benefits including; reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating American jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. The grassroots push by biodiesel supporters and stakeholders took place during a time that would hopefully grab the Administration’s attention while promoting the benefits of the fuel.

Participants used the hashtag, #PUMPUPBiodiesel, on both twitter and Facebook throughout mid-to-late November. This hashtag reflects the industry’s goals of growing the biodiesel market to 10 billion gallons by 2022. It also ties to the industry’s call for an increase in volumes under the RFS.

You can view the site for the social media campaign at www.biodiesel.org/pumpupbiodiesel where signs that include several statements as to why America should #PUMPUPBiodiesel can be found. NBB asked participants to take a photo of themselves or with their colleagues, family, and/or friends holding the sign with the statement that resonated the most with them. To see the campaign in action, visit NBB’s twitter page and Facebook page.

You can still participate in the #PUMPUPBiodiesel campaign by using the hashtag and by posting your pictures on NBB’s social media pages. Keep an eye out for future pushes as we ramp up our efforts.



NBB Members Elect Industry Leadership

Last week National Biodiesel Board members gathered in St. Louis for the annual fall membership meeting. During the meeting members discussed a number of important topics and also voted to fill seven open positions on the governing board.

“Biodiesel has faced many challenges but with strong leadership from among all sectors of the industry we are in a position as an organization to face those challenges head on,” said NBB CEO Joe Jobe. “This industry has produced more than a billion gallons of advanced biofuels each of the last three years and will continue to grow into the future under the direction of the board.”

Officers elected to lead the board are:

  • Steven J. Levy, chairman, Sprague Operating Resources
  • Ron Marr, vice chair, Minnesota Soybean Processors
  • Mike Cunningham, treasurer, American Soybean Association
  • Greg Anderson, secretary, Nebraska Soybean Board

Members elected to the Governing Board included officers Steven J. Levy, Greg Anderson, and Mike Cunningham along with:

  • Jennifer Case, New Leaf Biofuel
  • Tim Keaveney, HERO BX
  • Robert Morton, Newport Biodiesel
  • Ben Wootton, World Energy

Ron Marr, Gary Haer, Todd Ellis, Kent Engelbrecht, Ed Hegland, Bob Metz, Robert Stobaugh, and Ed Ulch also continue to serve on the Governing Board.



Area Clean Cities Honors DC Biodiesel Champions

The Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) honored three biodiesel leaders from the Washington region for their commitment to reducing petroleum consumption by using alternative fuels. The individuals were recognized during the 2nd Annual Awards Luncheon at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City, VA.

The GWRCCC recognized William Howland, Director, DC Department of Public Works; Timothy Fitzgerald, Fleet Director, DC Water; and Christopher O'Brien, Director of Sustainability, American University.

“Each of these individuals has demonstrated a strong commitment to biodiesel, and their efforts are helping to reduce harmful emissions and protect our environment,” said Steven J. Levy, National Biodiesel Board Chairman. “The biodiesel industry is grateful for their leadership in the nation’s Capital where they serve as role models for a clean energy future.”

The winners were honored in the following three categories:

  • Member of the Year Award:  William Howland, Director, DC Department of Public Works
  • The Most Visionary Professional (MVP): Timothy Fitzgerald, Fleet Director, DC Water
  • Sustainability Award (University): Christopher O'Brien, Director of Sustainability, American University

Learn more about GWRCCC and the other honorees.


General Sessions Promise to be Your Most Important Meetings at Conference

January 19-22 promises to be the best National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. Tuesday and Wednesday will contain some of the most significant meetings of the week. Each morning at 10:30 a.m. attendees will experience full powered, fast moving general sessions that provide industry perspective and dialogue only available in Fort Worth.

Participants will experience the depth and expertise of the biodiesel industry and trade associations. Features include political leaders, industry experts, influential CEOs, NBB leadership, and insightful and relevant keynote speakers. Dr. Valerie Patrick, Founder and President of Fulcrum Connection LLC is just one of the many significant speakers to address conference attendees.

Dr. Patrick is slated to deliver a thought-provoking and timely keynote address. She is a trained scientist and facilitator that helps technical organizations improve productivity through critical thinking and science-based collaboration. Combined with her 25 years of corporate experience she is a leader in technical and strategic initiatives that have worked to identify and pursue new sources of organizational value for both Bayer and Monsanto.

She served as inaugural Chairperson of the Association for Climate Change Officers Board of Directors and now serves on ACCO’s advisory board. She received a Silver Facilitation Impact Award from the International Association of Facilitators in 2014. Dr. Patrick is a Certified Professional Facilitator, an SOQ Qualified Climate Practitioner, and a Trained Creative Problem Solving Facilitator. Dr. Patrick received her Chemical Engineering B.S. from Bucknell University and her Chemical Engineering M.S. /Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology.

Don’t miss Dr. Patrick’s keynote, or any of the influential industry leaders that will be featured during the conference. See you at the general sessions!



Alternative Fuel Station to Open Near O'Hare

As part of the ongoing sustainability efforts at Chicago's airports, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) announced the development of a 4,000-square-foot travel center featuring a range of alternative fuels and food options on city-owned vacant land near O'Hare International Airport.

According to Neysan Rassekh of PMG Airport Developers, “This innovative partnership with Clean Energy allows us to create the next generation in fuel and food options. A one stop shop where traditional fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG), biodiesel, and electric charging stations compliment a variety of food offerings.”

Located at the Southeast corner of Higgins Road and Patton Drive, the travel center will offer CNG, biodiesel, fast-charge charging stations for electric vehicles, conventional gasoline, and food options.

“Providing better access to alternative fuels at O'Hare provides multiple benefits for the City and the public,” said Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago. “We are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, while at the same time generating revenue.”

The announcement was made at the Airports Going Green Conference (AGGC), the airport industry's leading sustainability forum. Airports Going Green Conference is hosted annually by the CDA and the American Association of Airport Executives.

The target open date for the travel center is early 2016.



Biodiesel Magazine Advertising Prime Space to Reach Industry  

The January/February issue of Biodiesel Magazine is distributed to all attendees at the National Biodiesel Conference. It will also be distributed at the Commodity Classic. Advertising space in this issue is open for reservation until Wednesday, December 3rd. Themed around biodiesel process technology and plant optimization, the January/February 2015 issue of Biodiesel Magazine will highlight the latest advances in the biodiesel technology sector, including commercialization efforts in liquid and immobilized enzymatic processing, microwave research and development, new pretreatment methods, and optimization techniques from some of the most recognized names in the industry. In addition to feature and contribution articles emphasizing technology and optimization, the January/February issue will include the latest biodiesel news, business briefs and updates from your trade organization, the National Biodiesel Board.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our largest issue of the year, please contact Biodiesel Magazine at 866-746-8385 or by email at service@bbiinternational.com. You can also stay up-to-date with all the latest biodiesel industry news by subscribing to the magazine. Click here for more information: http://biodieselmagazine.com/pages/subscribe/.




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