Alliance Description

THE BIODIESEL ALLIANCE IS a diverse coalition of organizations, agencies and businesses from across the nation who find common ground in their support for biodiesel fuel. The National Biodiesel Board created the Biodiesel Alliance and Backers program. It has received support from the United Soybean Board, state soybean organizations as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

THE ALLIANCE PROVIDES information and resources to help make your job easier. Alliance members receive the Biodiesel Bulletin, a monthly biodiesel e-newsletter covering biodiesel news and issues. In addition, occasional alerts are sent to Alliance members with new and timely information such as biodiesel pump openings, grant announcements and the latest biodiesel research and industry news.  Alliance members are offered the option of having their web link posted on the National Biodiesel Board's web site.

“Part of our mission as a public health group is helping people recognize the benefits of using alternative fuels such as biodiesel to reduce air pollution through cleaner burning renewable fuels. The Biodiesel Alliance helps us stay current on the latest developments in the biodiesel industry which we can then use as we work to reduce environmental pollutants that cause respiratory disease, asthma and lung cancer.”
Margo Sidener, President & CEO, Breathe California and Co-Coordinator of Silicon Valley Clean Cities Coalition

“Diesel engines are my life. Having participated in the Biodiesel for Diesel Technicians training course, I am well versed on the enefits of biodiesel and its compatibility with diesel engines. I look forward to taking advantage of the resources the Biodiesel Alliance offers as I move forward in my career.”
Zeth Poettker, Diesel Technician, Studied at Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, Illinois

“As the person tasked with ensuring the safe and healthful transportation of more than 3,500 school children each day, I rely on biodiesel to help me achieve that goal. It has been proven that biodiesel improves air quality both outside and inside of school buses. I’m proud to be a long-time member of the Biodiesel Alliance which over the years has provided me with biodiesel-related news and data that I otherwise would not have known about.”
— Joe Biluck, Director of Operations and Technology, Medford Township Board of Education, Medford, NJ

TO JOIN, just click this link and complete the short registration form.  It costs you nothing because there are no membership dues.  As a Biodiesel Alliance member, you are simply expressing your support for the increased use of biodiesel fuel across America and gaining access to timely information about new developments and opportunities to help support biodiesel fuel use.

Download the Alliance & Backer brochure (PDF)