Production Statistics

U.S. Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Market
The biodiesel industry has steadily grown over the past decade, with commercial production facilities from coast to coast. The industry reached a key milestone in 2011 when it crossed the one billion gallon production mark for the first time. By 2015 the biodiesel and renewable diesel market had doubled to more than two billion gallons.  In 2016 the market was a record high 2.8 billion gallons, according to EPA figures. The industry’s total production continues to significantly exceeded the biodiesel requirement under the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard and has been enough to fill the majority of the Advanced Biofuel requirement.

The total Biomass-Based Diesel volume is primarily biodiesel but also includes renewable diesel, a similar diesel alternative made with the same feedstocks but using a different technology.

According to a recent study, the industry supported about 64,000 jobs nationwide. Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 57 percent to 86 percent, according to the EPA. Both of the last two years the industry has produced more than two billion gallons, and has exceeded the minimum requirements under the RFS.