Mississippi One-Pager (State's Fuel Quality Regulation)
MS Dept of Agr & Commerce
  NCWM Region
  Primary Contact
Jennifer B Thompson
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  Fuel Authority
Statutory (enacted legislation); Regulatory (state regulations)
  Statutory/Regulatory Citation
Petroleum Products Inspection Law of Mississippi Section 75-55-1 through 75-55-40 Defines and establishes specifications for certain petroleum products, the labeling of petroleum pumps and requires alcohol-blended fuel producers to hold a permit. Provides that products may be sampled and analyzed to determine compliance. Compliance: Administrative Action rules as adopted August 1193, amended December 2010.
  Fuels Currently Regulated
Diesel Fuel_yes; B100-Biodiesel_yes; Biodiesel-Blends_yes
  Fuel Specifications
B1-B5_ASTM D975; PetroDiesel_ASTM D975; B100_ASTM D6751; B6-20_ASTM D7467
  Other Specifications Currently have ability to measure the % of biodiesel.  
  If no spec - plan to adopt Subpart 04 – Bureau of Regultory Services, Chapter 08 – Petroleum Products Inspection Law, 113  
  Process to Adopt Specifications
Legislative Process
  ASTM-Rev Adopted
automatic - incorporation of "most-current" revision
  Proactive Tests
Petroleum Diesel; Bxx Biodiesel Blends; B100 from terminals.
  Reactive Test Circumstance
Complaint & periodic inspections
  Fuel Test Performed
Outlined in Subpart 04 – Bureau of Regultory Services, Chapter 08 – Petroleum Products Inspection Law, 113.02
  Where Sampled
Terminal / Blender; Producer; Transport; Retailer
  Where Tested
State's In-House Lab
Regulation 107. Petroleum Products Not Meeting Specifications. 107.01 Gasoline, alcohol blended fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil or other products regulated under terms of the Petroleum Products Inspection Law found below the prescribed standard shall be placed under an order of "Stop Sale" and disposed of as directed by the Commissioner and State Chemist. 107.02 Where such product can be reconditioned or successfully blended with or used as another product, the same may be disposed of upon the order of the Commissioner and State Chemist. If the product is at a retail service station or bulk plant, it shall be returned to the terminal or refinery or be shipped out of this State. At the terminal, the product may be pumped into storage with sufficient quantities of like product so that the combination meets the required specifications. If returned to the refinery, the product may be blended or reprocessed so that it meets the required specifications. 107.03 When a product under stop sale order is to be shipped out of state, such product shall be loaded under the supervision of the Commissioner or his agent and a report of transport prepared. The report shall be signed by the state scale operator at the time the truck leaves the State. 107.04 The receipt and unloading into storage of a product under stop sale order at a bulk plant, terminal, or refinery shall be done under the supervision of the Commissioner or his agent. 107.05 The report of transport, prepared by the Commissioner or his agent must be filed with any claim for credit on taxes paid on a product which was withdrawn under order of stop sale. 107.06 In no event, will the mixture of a product which does not meet specifications and a like product meeting specifications, which was combined in order to bring the combination up to the required specifications, be sold or dispensed until such combination has been sampled by the Commissioner or his agent at the point of blending, tested by the State Chemist and found to meet the required legal specifications. 107.07 Refiners, terminals, bulk plants shall furnish the Commissioner with the names of all persons who received the product prior to the effective dates of the stop sale order and the quantity received. 107.08 The Commissioner and State Chemist may revoke the permits of any person who sells a product after being notified by a stop sale order or otherwise that the sale of such products was prohibited.
  How to Report a) MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE & COMMERCE P.O. Box 1609 / Jackson, MS 39215 121 N. Jefferson Street, Jackson, MS 39201 phone: 601.359.1101 / fax: 601. 359.1175 b) Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory (Mississippi State University) phone: 662-325-3324 / fax: 662-325.7807 http://www.mscl.msstate.edu/
  Dispenser Labeling Blends up to B5 identified "may contain up to 5% biodiesel"; Bxx actual percentage for B6-80; FTC and EPA labeling required. Blends greater than B20 shall have a label that states "Consult Vehicle Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations".
  Tank Labeling