Montana One-Pager (State's Fuel Quality Regulation)
MT Department of Labor & Industry
  NCWM Region
  Primary Contact
Tim Lloyd
  Last Modified 11/17/2014  
(406) 463-3289
  Fuel Authority
Regulatory (state regulations); Statutory (enacted legislation)
  Statutory/Regulatory Citation
The Weights and Measures Bureau responsibilities, mandated in Title 30, Chapter 12, and Title 82, Chapter 15, MCA, include licensing, inspecting, testing, and certifying all weighing or measuring devices used in commercial transactions in the State of Montana. The program also enforces laws and regulations pertaining to quantity control of prepackaged goods and quality control of petroleum products. The Weights and Meaures Program is statutorily charged with assuring that petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel, offered or exposed for sale in the State of Montana , meet the nationally recognized American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. For gasoline, the standard is D-4814 and for diesel, D-975.
  Fuels Currently Regulated
Diesel Fuel_yes; B100-Biodiesel_yes; Biodiesel-Blends_no
  Fuel Specifications
B6-19_no-adopted-spec; B1-B5_no-adopted-spec; B100_ASTM D6751; PetroDiesel_ASTM D975
  Other Specifications  
  If no spec - plan to adopt  
  Process to Adopt Specifications
Administrative Rulemaking; Legislative Process
  ASTM-Rev Adopted
Most current version
  Proactive Tests
  Reactive Test Circumstance
Consumer complaint.
  Fuel Test Performed
  Where Sampled
Producer; Terminal / Blender; Retailer
  Where Tested
Out-Sourced. The Montana State University has received funding and is currently operating a biodiesel testing laboratory to promote biodiesel. There is not a funding source for a State fuel quality testing program.
Misdemeanor offense......1st offense, fine of not less than $10, or more than $1,000. Sub-sequent offense, a fine not less than $50 or more than $5,000, by imprisonment for a term not to exceed 1 year or both.
  How to Report Call Weights & Measures Bureau at (406) 443-8065
  Dispenser Labeling Requirements are from HB130. Current version is 2005 but expect to adopt the 2011 version in January 2012. HB130 requirements can be found in both the method of sale regulation and fuel and lubricant regulation. EPA and FTC decals are required, biodiesel blends up to 5% may be sold as a diesel fuel, blends greater than 5% up to 20% as well as blends greater than 20% may be sold as Bxx Biodiesel Blend where xx is the biodiesel percentage in the blend. There is also the requirement to label the dispenser with the statement “Consult Vehicle Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations”for Biodiesel Blends greater than 20%.
  Tank Labeling