South Carolina One-Pager (State's Fuel Quality Regulation)
SC Department of Agriculture
  NCWM Region
  Primary Contact
John Stokes
  Last Modified 11/17/2014  
(803) 737-9690
  Fuel Authority
Statutory (enacted legislation)
  Statutory/Regulatory Citation
Section 39-41-5 of South Carolina Code of Laws
  Fuels Currently Regulated
Diesel Fuel_yes; B100-Biodiesel_yes; Biodiesel-Blends_yes
  Fuel Specifications
PetroDiesel_ASTM D975; B100_ASTM D6751; B6-20_ASTM D7467; B1-B5_ASTM D975
  Other Specifications  
  If no spec - plan to adopt  
  Process to Adopt Specifications
Administrative Rulemaking; Legislative Process
  ASTM-Rev Adopted
automatic - incorporation of "most-current" revision
  Proactive Tests
Petroleum Diesel
  Reactive Test Circumstance
In response to consumer complaints and random sampling.
  Fuel Test Performed
- Glycerine; - Flash Point; - Density; - Water & Sediment; - Visual; - Stability
  Where Sampled
  Where Tested
State's In-House Lab
SECTION 39 41 160. Penalties for fraudulent violations of article or regulations. A person who fraudulently commits the following violations is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not less than thirty nor more than sixty days for each offense: (1) brands or labels a package, a barrel, a pump, a tank, or other vessel; (2) uses a label a second time; (3) keeps a petroleum product used for illuminating, heating, or power purposes not marked and branded in accordance with the regulations of the Commissioner of Agriculture; (4) violates this article or a regulation adopted by the Commissioner of Agriculture for its enforcement. SECTION 39 41 195. Penalties for conveyance of motor fuel in violation of this chapter. (A) If a person or his agent or employee conveys, or offers to convey, motor fuel in violation of this chapter, the person is subject to an administrative fine or a stop sale order, or both, in the discretion of the Commissioner of Agriculture. (B) An administrative fine must not be assessed for an amount greater than one thousand dollars unless the violation: (1) threatens public health or safety; (2) is committed knowingly or intentionally; or (3) reflects a continuing and repetitive pattern of disregard for the requirements of this article. (C) An administrative fine fully assessed by the commissioner for an amount greater than one thousand dollars may be assessed for an amount not in excess of ten thousand dollars.
  How to Report
  Dispenser Labeling Requirements are developed by the Department. Diesel fuel containing up to 5% biodiesel may be sold as Diesel and diesel containing more than 5% and up to 20% biodiesel may be sold as Bxx Biodiesel Blend, where xx is the percentage of biodiesel in the blend. Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends must meet applicable ASTM specifications.
  Tank Labeling