Virginia One-Pager (State's Fuel Quality Regulation)
VADACS Office of Weights and Measures
  NCWM Region
  Primary Contact
Dale Saunders
  Last Modified 11/17/2014  
(804) 786-2476
  Fuel Authority
Regulatory (state regulations); Statutory (enacted legislation)
  Statutory/Regulatory Citation
Virginia Regulation 115-04-12: Section 59.1 Motor Fuel and Oils Law; lists the specific test methods for fuel to pass; i.e., Flash Point D93, etc. for diesel fuel. Requirements are for on road fuel only because highway taxes support the regulatory effort. Biodiesel and Green Diesel Definitions: Biodiesel fuel is defined as a fuel composed of mono-alkyl esters of long-chain fatty acids derived from vegetable oils or animal fats that is designated B100 and meets the requirements of ASTM D6751. Green diesel fuel is a fuel produced from non-fossil renewable resources, including agricultural or silvicultural plants; animal fats; residue and waste generated from the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural products, silvicultural products, and other renewable resources; that meets applicable ASTM specifications. (Reference House Bill 139 and Senate Bill 689, 2008, and Virginia Code 45.1-364 and 58.1-439.12)
  Fuels Currently Regulated
Diesel Fuel_yes; B100-Biodiesel_yes; Biodiesel Blends_yes
  Fuel Specifications
PetroDiesel_ASTM D975; B100_ASTM D6751; B1-B5_ASTM D975; B6-B20_ASTM D7467
  Other Specifications  
  If no spec - plan to adopt  
  Process to Adopt Specifications
Legislative Process; Administrative Rulemaking
  ASTM-Rev Adopted
automatic - incorporation of "most-current" revision by automatically adopting the latest version of NCWM HB130.
  Proactive Tests
Test biodiesel blends if present at sampling site.
  Reactive Test Circumstance
5 inspectors around the state monitor the complaints-mostly 93 Octane complaints currently.
  Fuel Test Performed
- Water & Sediment; - Flash Point; - Cetane; - Sulfur; - Vacuum Distillation; - % Biodiesel by FTIR (up to 20%).
  Where Sampled
  Where Tested
State's In-House Lab. The motor fuel lab has purchased some new equipment and is planning for other test equipment to increase capability for biodiesel testing. The FTIR analyzer updated in order to test for % of biodiesel up to B20 by ASTM D7371.
$500 to $4000 for violations. Fraud is a Class I misdemeanor. Method: (1)warning to the station, (2) civil penalty, (3) small fine initially and then escalation in increments
  How to Report Consumer complaint phone number on pumps is 804-786-2476.
  Dispenser Labeling Dispenser labeling is identical to the requirements found in the latest version of NCWM HB130.
  Tank Labeling